Monday, April 10, 2006

Blacanza Returns

Don’t even think of writing on my pen and so my shuttle racquet is being sung a lullaby and a mini dictionary saw a mini Reynolds and the sun is not real because someone said so and my brother had measles and the dog is barking because I told it to do so and that is the cause for the Industrial Revolution in 2011 started by late Sri Y2K Sharma who wrote “Days of my old age” when he was 5 years old and started singing the song “maathe par bindia” and my work is to study the auto-biography of people who are going to be born and that is why Julius Caesar married Anne of Cleves.

Author: Phanindra
Time: 29th March 1999
Location: Hmm... don't remember
Situation: Don't remeber this either :P

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Additional Questions

Additional questions are also to be said to Pavan Kumar and not only that but you must also say your name or something if I ask anything before he asks you anything so I, you and we all must be very careful of whatever we do and remember to write whenever you are free and you will also get a motor bike free if you are free so if you are free then you must also be free because you were already free and you will also be in future because present is the cause for the future and future is also a cause of present so as Mr. Nair said everything in this whole world is interdependent on each other and the rights and duties are like the Romans who enjoyed merrymaking and Marcus Aurelius destroyed the Roman economy.

Author : Pavan Kumar
Time : Sometime in 1999, when we were studying 9th standard
Location : Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur
Situation : He was just testing a new pen he bought that day!

What the hell is Blacanza??

What is Blacanza? You'll know soon enough. What we have here is a collection of the most thoughtless, yet thought provoking pieces of literary work ever written in the known history of mankind!

The original concept was by Pavan, and then I caught on. And it was me who gave this literary form it's name... Blacanza! I'm actually thinking of registering that name as copyrighted ;)

Some people called my first blog thoughtless... wait till they get to see this!